WC Assault Rifle

A render of the ARC3

The ARC3 assault rifle is the standard rifle of Western Coalition infantry personnel. It is actually a successor to several failed US rifle designs that aimed to replace the M16.
When the Western Coalition was formed there was a concerted effort to adopt a Coalition-wide assault rifle. Each candidate weapon was designated assault rifle, Coalition and numbered. The first prototype of the ARC3 appeared in the US where it was known as the XM80. The XM80 was the third weapon entered into consideration and its name changed when it won the competition.
The ARC3 is built around the new 6.8mm WC light rifle round. The 6.8's bullet is slightly heavier than the older NATO 5.56mm round, and is designed to better penetrate body armor and then tumble inside the target's body.
The American designers of the ARC3/XM80 improved on previous designs through the addition of a folding stock and also a compact, single-shot 25mm airburst grenade launcher. This GL permits the shooter to place an airburst explosion mere steps from a target hiding behind a corner or other hard cover.
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The main weapon of the Western Coalition, the ARC3 assault rifle is the rifle that most troops of the Coalition use. The rifle surpassed several other entrants in a design competition for the standard-issue rifle that would be used by the entire coalition.

The Coalition's Assault class uses the ARC3 as their primary rifle.

The rifle is lighter, thanks to a polymer body and folding stock, and hits harder than older US or NATO 5.56mm rifles thanks to the new 6.8mm WC rifle round.

The rifle only fires in automatic mode, making accuracy suffer greatly.

The attached 25mm grenade launcher can be charged up to shoot the shell further, but the grenade will bounce off surfaces until its fuse times out.


  • Weapon Range: 3 of 5
  • Damage: 1 of 5
  • Rate of Fire: 4 of 5
  • Ammunition: 6.8mm Light Round
  • Feed Device: 50 Round Magazine


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