One of the most important key features in Frontlines: Fuel of War is the class-based system of picking load outs for play.

Both the Western Coalition and the Red Star Alliance each have their own class load outs, but all weapons are roughly equivalent to their counterparts for game play balancing reasons.

The classes included in the game are:

  • Assault
  • Heavy Assault
  • Sniper
  • Anti-Vehicle
  • Special Ops
  • Close Combat

Each class has their own weapon types meant for different styles of play, such as the Heavy Assault's light machine gun, the Sniper's rifle, and the Close Combat's shotgun. Each is suited to a different range and combat scenario; shotguns are better in urban environments, while sniper rifles will dominate the open fields.

Classes are different and independently picked from Roles, which are also picked on the Spawn Screen.

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