The Coalition sent helicopter invasions by night, but Red Star EMP soon put a stop to that. At least until the Gunships and the cluster bombs began clearing the way...
"Often the difference between a medal and a tombstone is just bad luck."
- Sgt. Jeremy Thompson, WC 125th, 'The Stray Dogs'
-- Loading screen text


Invasion is a multiplayer map featured in Frontlines: Fuel of War. The map takes place near an RSA power plant, and the Western Coalition has to make their initial attack with a fleet of UH-66 helicopters.

The map features several vehicles on each side, as well as numerous mounted guns such as the KL Mounted Heavy Machine Gun near control points.

Control Points

  • Western Coalition Command Center
  • Watchtower
  • RSA Radar Station
  • RSA Anti-Air Station
  • Supply Depot
  • Red Star Alliance Command Center



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