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A render of the M1K

The M1000 is an advanced heavy sniper rifle. It uses a semi-automatic action to fire a 12.7mm heavy machine gun slug to great range.

Each M1000 has a floating barrel, has a barrel and action machined to extreme tolerances (to the nano-level), and is accurized to a virtually invisible level in the factory.
The 'MIK' gets its unusual nickname from the habit of calling it the 'M1K'. It is also sometimes called 'Mike' or 'Mikey'. 'Mikey likes it!' is a common dark joke told among sniper team members.

--Field Guide text entry


The M1000 Sniper Rifle, or 'Mike', is the standard sniper rifle for all Western Coalition forces. The name Mike comes from the M1000 designation being shortened to 'M1K'.

The M1K has a two-level scope zoom. The first level is best used for target aquisition, while the second level is used for target elimination.


The Field Guide places the stats of the M1K as follows:

  • Weapon Range: 5 of 5
  • Damage: 3 of 5
  • Rate of Fire: 1 of 5
  • Ammunition: 12.7mm Heavy Rifle
  • Feed Device: 10 Round Magazine


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