Frontlines: Fuel of War's battles do not take place on just one game level, but rather a large amount of them.

There are a wide array of maps available for play; everything from fighting over a solar array to fighting in a tight urban environment.

Each map has its own selection of vehicles depending on the map, but some do not have any at all.

It is important to know what kind of map you will be playing on in order to plan accordingly with your Class and Role selection.


The campaign mode plays across several different maps as the RSA's invasion unfolds.

Challenge Maps

There are two single-player challenge maps included in Frontlines that are available with codes:

These missions are like the multi-player versions of the maps of the same name, but with AI on both sides fighting with and against you.

Multi-Player Maps

There are 13 multiplayer maps included with Frontlines to play on in both the Frontlines and Conquer game modes.