Urban Combat Mission Eagle eye.

You are a small group of Western Coalition infantry, surrounded in the outskirts of Moscow. Red Star Alliance forces are on the hunt and your only hope is to repel the attack and secure the area for extraction. You are vastly outnumbered, and completing the mission successfully will require a minimum number of deployments and creative use of the weaponry in the area. Good Luck!
-- Challenge Level Code card


SP-Street is an extra mission for Frontlines: Fuel of War referred to in game as Urban Combat.

As the code card suggested, you are in deep with no reinforcements. You have a maximum of 6 lives on Casual, and less with each difficulty level.

The access codes for the two bonus levels were given out with pre-order bonuses from GameStop and Best Buy in North America; the other bonus level being SP-Village.

The map is the exact same as the multi-player map of the same name, but with AI on both sides for you to fight with and against.

Accessing the Level

Go to the code enter screen and input the code sp-street to start the mission.


The level is largely a long corridor between several buildings, with outer paths along the other sides of the bordering buildings. There is a small underground subway entrance, a plaza with a statue, and the last control point is located under a highway overpass.