A render of the UH-66

The Seneca is a workhorse utility helicopter, purpose-designed to withstand the rigors of deploying troops in and out of combat.
It mounts 7.62mm miniguns on either side for defensive protection when deploying troops to a hot landing zone. It also sports advanced Firefly decoys to ward off incoming missiles.
The UH66 sports gunner positions on either side. These positions include computerized laser target designators, which permit each gunner to highlight specific targets of interest, and share them between gunners and with the pilot.
--Field Guide entry text


The UH-66 Seneca is a Western Coalition utility helicopter designed to be durable enough to survive deploying troops in hot combat zones. The Seneca has the capability to carry 6 soldiers.

As with most vehicles, all passengers are forced into third-person, while the gunners are locked to first-person; only the pilot can toggle between the two view modes.


A 7.62mm minigun is mounted on both sides of the UH-66, and folds out when in use. These miniguns provide suppressing fire for troops deploying under fire.


The gunners and pilots both have access to the advanced Threat Alert System, which allows for target marking and designation between the crew.

The UH-66 is also equipped with a Firefly Advanced Decoy Launcher to divert incoming missiles.

Behind the Scenes

The UH-66 was designed by Nathan Campbell, and was modeled by Brian Burrell while they were employed at Kaos Studios.

The vehicle is referred to in the game's files as, "VHW_HEL_MedHeli", with 'VH' standing for vehicle, 'W' for Western Coalition, 'HEL' (Helicopter) as vehicle type, and 'MedHeli' (medium helicopter) as the role it plays.


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